Pandora's Greek myth inspired the artist in the design of this statue. 


Zeus gave Pandora a vase, forbidding to open it. Driven by curiosity, she disobeyed.


Hesiod wrote in "The Works and Days":

"The woman with her hand lifted the big cover of the large jar and dispersed everything, providing men mournful misfortunes. Only Hope remained there in that unbreakable house, inside, below the rim of the jar, and didn't fly outside; since Pandora covered again the jar, by the will of Zeus, gatherer of the clouds. And other ills, infinite, wandered among men".


Finally, however, she reopened the jar to release also hope, and despite evils, man revived.

The statue represent the dramatic moment of Pandora opening of the vase, while maintaining the solemnity and composure suitable for a Greek myth.



Material: bronze
Height: 30 cm