Giancarlo Rosina, founder and artist at Rosina Sculture, comes from a small village in the countryside called Trebbiano where for many centuries had the tradition of work of the land and wood. As a result, the research of the beauty of Nature represent a central role in his work.

After his Graduation, Giancarlo decides to move to Milan, where he discovers a great passion for the fine taste of art that reflects in every workpiece.

Classic art represents a central role in Giancarlo’s life: Greek and Roman statues, the 200 bass-relifs of “Colonna Traiana”and the Italian artistic heritage have always fascinate Giancarlo. His passion for art along with the curiosity for technology -from early age – brings Giancarlo to found Rosina Sculture.

 2015 by Rosina Sculture srl 

Hammer and chisel